Tips from a Back Pain Specialist Singapore-Ways to Take Care of your Back


Whether it is a sharp and stabbing or dull and achy, back pain can cause some significant discomfort. Even though there are several ways and methods of treating back pain, this is one area where the old adage, prevention is better than cure does ring very true. Just as the causes of back pain are different, there are also numerous ways of taking care of your back so as to either prevent these pains from occurring or to manage the pain. Here are some tips from a back pain specialist in Singapore on how to take care of your back and keep it strong and healthy.

First and foremost, it is important to exercise regularly. Make sure that the exercises are fitting. Aerobic, low-impact activities are the best. These should be exercises that don’t jolt or strain your back. They include exercises such as swimming and walking, these not only increase the strength and overall endurance of your back but also allow your muscles to function optimally. When swimming, one of the best back pain specialist Singapore has to offer suggests that you make a point of trying out the backstroke. You can also use exercise bikes to help strengthen your back muscles and stay fit.

As you build your muscle strength, you should also work on your flexibility. Typically, core-strengthening exercise (back and abdominal back muscles) does help to condition these very important muscles so that they function together, just like a natural corset for the back. Keeping your upper legs and hips flexible does align your pelvic bones, significantly improving how your back works and feels. It is important though to talk to your physical therapist, doctor or personal trainer on the best exercises for your back. This depends on how you are feeling and what exactly you want to achieve.

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Another key point is to always maintain a healthy body weight. Generally, being overweight strains the back muscles. This then naturally makes you prone to bouts of unexplained back pains. Most of the times these pains are not instigated by anything, even though at times a very slight nudge may cause some major discomfort. One of the easiest ways of knowing your ideal weight is by checking your body mass index (BMI). If you are overweight, you should come up with a practical exercise regimen or weight loss program that will help your achieve your ideal weight. You will be pleasantly surprised at how fast your back pain disappears once you achieve and maintain your ideal weight.

You should also strive to make use of proper body mechanics. You can achieve this by always standing smart. Do this by maintaining a neutral pelvis position, if by any chance you have to stand for inordinately long periods of time, try to place one foot on a low footstool so as to take some load off your lower back. Make sure you alternate your feet when doing this. Good posture goes a long way in reducing the stress on your back muscles.

You should also sit smart. Always opt for a seat with ample lower back support, swivel base and armrest. You can also place a rolled cloth or towel, or place a pillow on your back so as to help your back maintain a normal curve. When seated, always keep your hips and knees level and change your position at least once every thirty minutes.

One should also lift smart by avoiding heavy weights. In the event that you have to lift something heavy, always let your legs do the work. You can do this by keeping your back straight, don’t twist your back at all and make sure you only bend the knees. Hold the load close to your body as you do the lifting. If the object is too heavy or even awkwardly shaped, don’t strain, find a lifting partner to help you out. If you are carrying heavy loads on a rucksack, make sure it is comfortable and the straps are broad enough. When carrying the bag, use both shoulder straps and avoid carrying sling bags in such instances.

For sleeping, make sure that your bed does provide the correct support and affords you enough comfort for your build and weight. Don’t be so fixated solely with the firmness. Always use a pillow to support your body and help you maintain the natural alignment of the spine as you sleep. Keep in mind that in terms of sleep quality, sleeping on your back is the best sleeping position.


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