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With upwards of 80 percent of all people suffering from foot problems at some time in life, there’s a very real need for the services that podiatrists provide. These medical specialists are able to diagnose a broad range of foot related problems, then treat those conditions using specialist podiatry techniques. Seeing that we’re all so reliant on our feet, having good foot health is essential for anyone who wants to live a happy and healthy life.

What is podiatry?

Podiatry is the diagnosis, treatment, prevention and rehabilitation of conditions of the feet, ankle as well as the lower leg. It is a medical profession, one which is registered and regulated, and as a result, podiatrists must complete a university degree in podiatry in order to work as a podiatrist, also known as a podiatric physician or surgeon.

The elderly tend to require podiatric treatment more than others, however, it’s important to remember that foot, ankle and lower leg conditions affect people of all ages and that it’s essential to make sure such conditions are treated early on before they worsen.

A good example of this is pronation in children, with many Australian children requiring orthotics (inserts worn inside the shoe to provide support for the arch of the foot) from childhood through to adulthood.

Conditions treated by podiatrists

As mentioned above, podiatrists treat a broad range of foot, ankle and lower leg conditions in people of all ages, from children through to the elderly, as well as athletes. Many athletes develop conditions, like athlete’s foot and shin splints, that need to be treated by a Perth podiatry expert. The conditions treated by podiatrists include the following:

  • Blisters, corns and calluses
  • Cracked heels and heel spurs
  • Ingrown toenails and fungal problems
  • Pronation and fallen arches

Additionally, a good podiatrist can provide you with informed advice on a number of foot-related issues, including which shoes to wear at work or when playing sports. Many of the foot, ankle and lower leg conditions that people suffer from are caused by wearing unsuitable footwear at work, especially those who stand in one spot or are on their feet all day long.

The benefits of podiatry – What it can do for you

Podiatry offers a world of benefits for all of us, and not only those with obvious foot problems. Here are a few of the many benefits that podiatry has to offer.

Podiatry Helps1

  • They provide specialist advice

As podiatrists are foot specialists they can provide you with specialist advice on a number of foot and leg conditions that other medical professionals are unable to.

  • Better foot health later in life

Like all medical conditions, conditions of the feet tend to worsen over time. By addressing these conditions now, for example, getting orthotic inserts to wear inside your shoes, you’ll enjoy better foot health later in life.

These are two of the many benefits associated with seeking podiatric treatment for conditions of the feet and there are many more. Get in touch with your local podiatrist and enjoy better foot, ankle and lower leg health for many years to come.


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