Melanotan – Miracle for Bodybuilders  


Traditionally, Melanotan has been recommended as a sleep aid. However, with the passage of time, researchers have explored its some hidden benefits that have proved a blessing for bodybuilders. It is a naturally occurring hormone released by the brain following body’s circadian rhythm. It regulates the sleep and wake sequence. Also, taking this hormone before the workouts swells and builds muscles; that’s why it has become very popular among the gym lovers. It is also a fine tonic to unwind the fat.

Diverse Characteristics of Melanotan that Stand for Bodybuilders

Intense workout increases the oxidative stress. It hampers the performance and bodybuilder feel tired very soon. However, if he intakes antioxidant before the workouts, it will improve his performance. Different antioxidants are there, but Melanotan is one of the body’s most prolific antioxidant. In fact, it contains twofold potential as of Vitamin E.

Double Potential and Benefits

By synergizes Melanotan with other antioxidants, it improves the overall performance. In the University, Seville Medical School in Spain, a study was conducted to check the influence of Melanotan on oxidative stress, fat metabolism, and immunity before the exercises. The researcher concluded the idea that the supplement left effect and increased the blood-total antioxidant activity along with decreasing the exercise—induced oxidative stress.


Besides this, members of the group who ingested Melanotan had higher fat metabolism during training. They also had sound immunity mechanism.

Muscles Damage – Inflammation

While working in the gym, the body generates inflammatory factors. When bodybuilder suffers from muscles soreness, it is a sign that he has fallen prey of inflammation that proves barrier as bodybuilder faces a cutback in work performance, the decline in exercise intensity. Intake of Melanotan is a fine remedy to treat this problem. Its fast healing properties enable bodybuilder to carry on exercises.

Anabolic Boost Up and Growth Hormone (GH)

After the strenuous workout, hormones respond very fast that amplify the anabolism. In result, bodybuilder begins to enjoy endurance, strength and exercise capacity. During this course, growth hormone is released. Besides decreasing the fat mass, this hormone maintains the muscular growth. When bodybuilders are at rest condition, this hormone follows the instructions of the internal clock. On the onset of deep sleep, this hormone gets released from a pituitary gland in the brain. Experiments have told that taking of Melanotan up to 5 mg also increases the blood growth hormone level.

Melanotan influences the generated quantity of GH. A study experimented in U.K and published in European Journal of Endocrinology showed that taking 5 mg of Melanotan one hour before of exercising would increase the releasing rate of GH significantly.

How to Reap the Benefits

It is very necessary to know the way of reaping the benefits of Melanotan. A bodybuilder has to take into consideration numerous aspects to get the positive response from the body. It is a very productive supplement that gives numerous advantages such as improving the oxidative status, enhancing GH production, and giving sound sleep. Take 1 to 5 mg before 30 to 60 minutes earlier than exercising. Further, drink liquids-rich with carbohydrates and proteins.


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