How to Take Care of Puppies – Some Helpful Tips from North Caroline Vet


Puppies are one of the most lovable and beautiful things on this planet. Almost everybody likes to play with small pups whenever they can. Even though they are very cute and very small, but bringing home a new puppy is a huge responsibility.

You need to make a lot of adjustments for you and your puppy. Before you bring the puppy home, you should prepare yourself for three major changes. First a major lifestyle adjustment, cleaning up your puppy’s mess, and last but not the least, unbridled joy.

It may seem like a lot of work in the beginning, but once you get hold of the routine and the needs of your puppy, it is an easy job. Here are some tips that can help you to manage well with your puppy around, and make the home environment comfortable for everyone. Here is how you get a win-win situation:

  • Finding a good vet –

The first place that you should take your new buddy is to a vet for a check up. A check up will help you to be sure that your puppy is healthy and free from any diseases, infections and birth defects etc. It will also help you to understand and carry out a preventative health routine for your new puppy.

If you do not know any vet, ask around your friends and family members for recommendations. It is very important that you find a good vet so that you can depend upon the veterinarian for your dog’s health completely.

Care of Puppies

  • Make most of your first visit –

Your first visit to the vet with your puppy is the most important meeting you will have with your dog. If you do not have any experience with dogs in your past you can ask for recommendations for your puppy diet. How much to feed, how often to feed and which dog food is recommended for a healthy diet, etc. In addition to this, you must ask for these four things –

  1. Setting up a vaccination plan for your puppy.
  2. Safe and effective options to control parasites, internally as well as externally.
  3. Learn and understand the basic signs of illness to look for in the first few months of your puppy.
  4. Ask about time specified for spaying or neutering your dog.
  • Quality food –

Puppies are just like babies, the initial days are very critical and you have to choose perfect and quality food products, which are specified for your puppy and not for a grown up dog. The food you choose for your puppy should meet your its nutritional needs. Look for the instructions on the packaging to be sure that you are feeding it right.

Every dog breed is different and has different nutritional needs. Regular checkups and necessary vaccinations for your puppy should be scheduled, and should not be missed under any circumstances. For more information about your dog’s health and ways to maintain its health habits, you could visit popular sites like

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