How To Cleanse Your Liver Naturally?


We all know that the largest and perhaps most complex organ in the human body is our liver. It also has one of the most important jobs in our system considering that it filters and cleans our blood round-the-clock.

Since our liver is working 24 hours a day and 7 times a week, there is no question that it can also become tired and stressed. Once the liver feels tired, it means that it is already filled with toxins that may result in many health issues including weight problems, and cardiovascular as well as degenerative diseases.liver

When a person feels tired or irritable, or if there are hypersensitivity reactions as well as irregular bowel movements, among many others, then there is a possibility that you already need liver cleansing. Now what is liver cleanse and how can you detox your liver?

Liver cleaning is the method wherein we can clean our liver and get rid of all impurities that has lodged on the area causing it to become unhealthy. Contrary to what most people believe, ways on how to cleanse your liver has already been popular and well-used in some countries, especially those with doctors who deal more with alternative medicines.

There are many ways on how to detox your liver. Some methods are:

DAILY DETOX: For a daily detox, you need to ensure that you drink at least one glass of warm water mixed with lemon juice every morning. Lemon is known to be a good detox agent.

WEEKEND DETOX:  This is a three-day detox program that starts from Friday and ends on Sunday.

  • On a Friday evening, do not eat heavy dinner. Instead, only consume light dinner with pure fruit juice and more water.
  • During Saturday, ensure that you drink a glass of fresh carrot juice. You also need to increase your water intake and make sure that you drink other juices throughout the day such as: grapefruit, apple, cranberry, spinach, beet, or coconut. Whatever fruit you choose to drink, they should be fresh.
  • End your diet on Sunday by gradually returning to normal diet. Start first by re-introducing solid soft foods slowly such as papaya, celery, or cauliflower. If you plan to eat veggies, eat them raw or slightly steamed (never cooked fully).

**During the weekend detox, the goal is to eat less or not at all. Remember that digestion requires most of our energy, and instead of using that energy to digest the food that we eat, why not use it in cleaning and healing the liver, right?

EXTENDED DETOX: If you want to extend your detox program, then you can continue your weekend detox by simply following these procedures:

  • Go ahead in consuming vegetable or fruit juices, as well as eating fruits and vegetables raw.
  • Eat more beans for added fiber in the body.
  • You can continue the detox as long as you can. However, if there are adverse side effects such as rapid and unhealthy weight loss, then you should stop and consult your doctor. It is important that you take note of your progress and listen to your body. If you are not feeling well because of the detox, it is okay to stop.

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