Great Physiotherapists in Sydney CBD


If you’ve had an accident recently or are experiencing any type of pain, go and see a physiotherapist sooner rather than later. There are some great physios in the Sydney Central Business District who offer services like:-

  • One on one treatments
  • Convenient locations
  • Treatment of the cause not just the symptoms
  • Same day appointments

It’s not much fun suffering from any kind of pain so do something about it. You will recover faster with effective treatment and a personalised recovery programme. Highly skilled teams of physios can assess, diagnose and treat your problem getting you back to 100% fit in no time at all. Knowing a good physio in Sydney CBD, will certainly help with your physiotherapy requirements, so keep their phone number handy.

Effective and innovative treatments

Expect effective treatments when you make an appointment with professional physios who can deal with:-

  • Musculoskeletal problems
  • Sports injuries
  • Neck, shoulder or back pain
  • Problems with hips and knees

Physios offer a safe, comfortable environment along with the latest equipment and treatment methods. Patients can make a full recovery when putting their trust in experienced and fully qualified physiotherapists. If you need any support after treatment, information or advice, there’s always a physio waiting at the other end of the phone.


Hands-on techniques as well as exercises are provided to relieve musculoskeletal or sports injuries. Many different types of patients are treated including athletes, office workers or those who have sustained an injury playing weekend football for instance. Don’t suffer in silence; make an appointment with a physiotherapist to get sorted out.

Common injuries that can be relieved

There are many common injuries that well-trained physiotherapists can relieve ranging from:-

  1. RSI – repetitive strain injury. This can be a problem for typists especially those who work at a keyword all day long.
  2. Sporting injuries – from sprained ankles, dislocated shoulders to ruptures of the anterior cruciate ligament.
  3. Knee injuries – these are common in elderly people as well as athletes who can easily twist their knee playing basketball, netball or football.
  4. Hip problems – resulting from muscle tears, issues with the tendons or bones around the hip joint.

Other problems that physios can help with are post-operative rehabilitation. This involves treatment after patients have had surgical procedures. Exercise programmes can be created to get you moving quickly and safely. Whether you’ve had an operation for ankle, knee reconstruction, a hip problem or shoulder stabilisation surgery, there’s every chance you will soon have 100% fitness again.

How to get in touch with reputable physios in Sydney

It couldn’t be easier to get in touch with reputable physiotherapists who operate in the Sydney CBD area. If you live close by, call in to their consulting suite or alternatively make a telephone call.  A specialist will arrange an appointment to start the ball rolling. You can also send a fax or complete an online form with personal details and a short message.


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