GABA Deficiency – A knowhow


Deficiency in the GABA level may cause some of the physical defects also along with psychological. A person may have deficiency in the carbohydrates level, flushing of skin, problem in the stomach, stress in the muscles both in the back and the neck. Causes problem in hyperventilation ie; it is due to breathing too fast and too shallow. The vision seems to be very blurred. Skin allergies are occurred due to this deficiency, discomfort is felt in the chest, sweating in the night, reflux and pain is occurred in nerves and the other parts of the body.

There are many Psychological symptoms that happen. They are feelings of restlessness in the body; person will be a short tempered, obsessive thinking, anxiety and the feeling that is occurred like becoming panic.

Memory of a person gets lowered. Poor verbal memory happens. There will be a problem in the ability to focus to a particular thing.

There are certain diseases that causes due to the deficiency of GABA, they are

  • Anxiety
  • Chronic pain
  • Hypertension
  • Tinnitus
  • Causes irritable bowel disease
  • Gastro intestinal diseases

A person may feel uneasiness due to the deficiency of GABA. This is the same condition   as that of anxiety. A person may feel that the things are not ok even when everything is seen normal. By this way the person is not able to concentrate on one particular subject.

One of the main symptoms that cause the deficiency of GABA is that the person will not be able to sit calm on a place and this makes a person impatient. One has a feeling overstimulated and overwhelmed upon using.

Deficiency in GABA will make the person lose the capability of stress tolerance. It causes the tendency to use alcoholic contents regularly. It inhibits a feeling of anxiousness and becoming nervous.


There are some reasons that a patient may become deficient of GABA. This may include reasons like

  • Genetical problem
  • Over stress may lead to the condition of depletion in the GABA
  • Not maintaining proper diet: GABA is usually found in amino acid glutamate. This is mainly present in the meat.
  • Deficiency of GABA may lead to cerebral palsy. This is a condition in improving the vocabulary, learning, mental development and hyper activity.
  • Some kind of diseases such as epilepsy, meningitis, psycho organic syndrome is all affected by the decrease in the GABA level.

There are some foods that can be consumed in order to avoid the deficiency in GABA. This may include almonds, bananas, lentils, oranges, potatoes, rice bran, walnuts, spinach etc. Before taking any medicine to enhance the GABA level it is better to consult with the physician as the excess intake of GABA may lead to possible side effects.

After taking this GABA a person can feel more relaxed and get a relief from the tension. Relaxed state of a person may affect the body in a better manner. That is it provides a protection from the illness affected. Another benefit is that of the synthesis of the growth hormone.


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