Essential Reading: 5 Dementia Training Books

  1. Training and Development for Dementia Care Workers

Authored by Anthea Innes

Utilizing the most recent ideas on good practice from the Bradford Dementia Group, renowned author Anthea Innes delivers a complete and concise guide to the setting up and leading a training programme specifically for dementia care workers. Anthea starts off by outlining the key factors to bear in mind ahead of the build and execution of a programme. The book makes good reference early on to the importance of trainees familiarising themselves with the care environment in which they will practise, to make sure that the training programme has direct relevance to the end user.

  1. Dementia, Culture and Ethnicity

Authored by Julia Botsford

This body of work explores the cultural issues that surface when making a measured assessment and engaging with people suffering with dementia. It also highlights the common challenges for care homes and nursing homes, and broader issues for supporting families from different ethnic backgrounds that are involved in preparing end of life care and bereavement.

  1. The Simplicity of Dementia

Authored by Huub Buijssen

This book is a wise and practical introduction for relatives, carers and professionals in charge of looking after or training to work with people with mental illness associated with dementia. Huijssen simplifies the causes of communication problems, mood changes and archaic behaviours so that guardians can learn to prepare for their role quickly and effectively. There are case studies, which illustrate how patients’ symptoms can progress step by step, supported with clear guidance on how to care for the individual needs of the sufferer.


  1. Designing and Delivering Dementia Services

Authored by Hugo de Waal

Hugo de Wall gives a compelling assessment of how dementia is progressively and widely acknowledged as a severe health and social challenge, in today’s society for countries worldwide. He expresses how the need to design and set up dementia care services of high quality is now more important than ever, owing to the likelihood of ever increasing demands of fast-paced environments in the first, second and third world.

  1. Excellence in Dementia Care

Authored by Principles and Practice

Best described as a landmark textbook, Excellence in Dementia compiles the comprehensive notes of researchers, practitioners, and professionals in the care of people with Alzheimer’s disease and other associated forms of dementia. The research presented is supported by profound respect for dementia sufferers and an assurance to putting decisions about their welfare first. The core focus may be on patient care, however the book also speaks out on concerns for families and guardians that are part of the care process. Individuals can look to examples from a range of countries, drawn from research, to understand the condition as a whole.

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