Are Nootropic Supplements Legal For Use?


When we talk about legality of nootropic supplements, there is much confusion surrounding the subject. The main reason behind this is that there are several supplements, which are classified as nootropics, and all of them have their own legal policies.

Also, there are chances that two supplements, which work exactly the same way, may have different legality rules to follow. Besides, legality of nootropic supplements also varies from country to country. Well, of course, most of the common nootropics are legal around the world, but if you are looking forward to use the stronger nootropic drugs, then you might want to verify that whether buying it is legal or not.

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Need of prescription while buying nootropics

If you are wondering whether you need a prescription to buy nootropics or not, then the answer in one word will be NO. Well, the answer is not for now at least. The thing is, nootropics are marketed and sold as research substances only. This means they cannot be publicized or sold like other traditional supplements.

Piracetam and other Racetams generally fall in this category and thus, you cannot purchase them from any normal online store. Nevertheless, fortunately, there are many such companies, which will allow you to purchase racetams as a research compounds, but you will need to strictly follow their service terms.

On the other hand, if you are purchasing racetams domestically, then there will be no issue of legality. Also, there is no restriction on the amount of quantity, when you are making a purchase from local vendors.

Are there any nootropics considered illegal?

There are a few strong nootropic drugs for which you compulsorily need a prescription. For instance, Modafinil and smart drugs like Adderall fall into this category. These drugs are considered as controlled throughout the US. However, their status may be different in other countries. This again means that you can buy these drugs from foreign sources, but you have to be particular about your quantity.

Nevertheless, this is not recommended, since you need a prescription to legally use such strong compounds. Besides, when you are buying online, you can never be sure of the quality of these compounds. In simple words, you might lose your money and end up with a drug, which isn’t of good quality nor is legal to use.

Lastly, there are many effective herbal and synthetic nootropic drugs on the market, which are legal for use. If you are looking forward to use something strong, then you can always stack different nootropics together as well as figure out a dose, which works for your specific needs instead of buying something illegal.


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