A Brief Guide to Symptoms of Cognitive Dysfunctions


Brain is not different from body. It changes form. It changes as people grow. With age people sometimes notice forgetfulness. They notice that their brain fails to function the way it used to function. With time it takes longer time to think and react. While this is normal situation, increased forgetfulness might be a thing of concern.

Dr. Curtis Cripe, a neuro-engineer who has dedicated his life to psychology and development of different programs to help people with mental disorder, warns about some apparent signs. You should be concerned if

  • You keep forgetting things too often. If this is not normal, you might have to talk to a doctor.
  • You keep forgetting about the events that are important to you.
  • You drift from important conversation or lose link of books or movies.
  • You forget your way around the familiar areas.

These might be signs of cognitive dysfunction. This disorder begins slowly. The mild symptoms are often undetectable. However, with time the ailment progresses and the symptoms become more apparent.

There are different types of cognitive dysfunctions, amnesia, motor skill disorder, development disorder and dementia. Only an expert will be able to tell you what type of treatment will suit you.2

Dr. Curtis Cripe wants people to know what causes this disorder. Like any other mental disorder, this too is caused by many factors. Sometimes hormonal imbalance causes it. However, lack of nutrients is the main reason why people suffer from this disorder. Some suffer from it due to physical injuries as well.

Usually this type of mental disorder gets developed in several stages. With the progression of the disease the symptoms grow. The patients who are suffering from this disorder are known to suffer from depression, apathy, anxiety and aggression.


It is important to know what cause such a disease. Curtis Cripe has given several reasons of this disorder. Reduce blood flow in the brain is a common cause of this brain disease. Additionally, lack of use of glucose is another reason why people suffer from this disease. There is a fluid-fillet space in the brain area. This area sometimes gets enlarged. In such a case the person might suffer from cognitive dysfunction.

There are other reasons of this disorder as well. Some medicines cause people to suffer from cognitive dysfunction. Smoking, drinking and lack of physical exercises are the causes of this disease.


This is a sensitive issue. This is the reason, you should find someone who is both experienced and sympathetic towards people suffering from this disease. The problem with this disease is there is no significant diagnosis which can confirm the existence of the disease. It is with patient, one gets to detect it. The person treating the patients with cognitive dysfunction needs be careful and for this reason Dr. Curtis Cripe puts focus on creative therapy as drugs can commence rivers effect sometimes. Instead the doctors who have the experience of working with such patients focus on brain exercises and other form of treatment. One thing you need to remember is those who are suffering from such a disease require a lot of support. Therefore, you need to find them a doctor who can provide it.  


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