6 Latest Instruments In Dentistry


To get the maximum advantage out of any business, you must keep your technology up to date. Dentistry is another field in which changes are required continually and it has been advancing to the latest technology almost every year. The role of the technology is integral in this field and it is very prominent as well because without it, the probability of success in very less.


It is one of the latest devices and it uses a light that shines in the mouth of the patient and diagnose the abnormal mucosal cells in the mouth. It is the light known as blue light assists in the stimulation of the epithelial cells and stroma that are in the mouth of the patient. An important part of the diagnosis is that there is no pain involved in it.

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It is a simple and fast way of the detection of the decay of tooth that requires the blasting of the Ozone gas which occurs naturally in the area that is affected in the mouth due to the tooth decay. The technology helps in breaking down the bacteria which is the cause of the decay and if the bacteria is caught very earlier, then it is dissolved completely.

Cone Beam

Radiations are used in this new technology. The cone beam turns itself into a 3 dimensional figure at the screen of the doctor. When the information is gathered on the screen through cone beams, it is then processed in a sophisticated way through this software program. This technology helps the dentists to look into the patients’ problems in a clearer and more effective manner.

Digital X-rays

Through this latest digital X-ray machine, dentists can help their patients in a better and faster way therefore it is necessary for them to replace their old X-ray machines. Digital X-ray machines are cost effective and using them, less amount of radiations are produced. This can help them to zoom in and look into the effective part more closely that will ultimately help in diagnosing it more accurately.

Intraoral Cameras

The device acts as a camera in the mouth. Dentists can use these Intraoral cameras to get the clear images of the areas in the mouth of the patients which are not clearly visible through naked eyes. Another advantage of this instrument is that the patients can also see that is going on. This will definitely be proved as a positive addition to the medical world.


The function of this device is similar to VELscope and a high wavelength of light is used by the instrument and fluoresce the bacteria or any substance that can be damaging for the tooth. The instruments detects the required structural changes in the mouth of the patient and a simple sound is produced by that by which patient is able to hear what is being seen by the dentist.

Using the DIAGNOdent, dentists may be able to focus more on the on the patient rather than paying attention only in operating the instrument. Patients can also communicate more due to it and therefore those patients who feel hesitation in the diagnosis and cannot remain calm during that, this communication will help them as well.


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