10 Ways To Own A Sexy Body You Dream Of


Pregnancies, hormone imbalance, uncontrolled food, stress, lack of sleep – reasons are many for weight gain when it comes to women. They find it very difficult to maintain the right shape even though they strive for it. There are a lot of women who have taken the chance of trying out with strenuous exercises, controlled diet etc to get a perfect body shape. For some it work and for the rest it do not.

It has been noticed that it is mostly after pregnancy that women put on a lot of weight. Studies say that it is due to the sudden hormonal changes inside the body, the effect of the medicines post pregnancy and sudden mental changes. Whatever it is, the slim zero size body suddenly gets into a balloon shape and you are looked at with a jaw dropping look later on. A lot of remedies had been discussed for maintaining the right shape or rather to own a sexy shape that all envy. Check out 10 tips which will get you that sexy shape…

Regular Exercise

This is nothing new to anyone reading this. But the important part is if you are doing the right training techniques which are perfect for any kind of body shape. It would be better to consult a trainer and take the right exercise according to your needs rather than doing own exercises at home.

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Sexy Body You Dream

Green Tea

It is good to have at least three cups of green tea every day. It is rich in antioxidants. It helps in reducing your excess fat by burning it down. Also, it improves the immunity of the body. It improves digestion and also it is rich in flavonoids. It is good for maintaining proper health. Get them online at cheaper rates via stores like Flipkart.

Proper Balanced & Nutritious Diet

Intake of proper, balanced and nutritious food is a very important factor when it comes to maintaining a good body shape. A lot of fruits and veggies along with equal amount of proteins are needed for a proper maintenance of diet.

Body Shaper

Use of body shaper can be helpful to an extent. Use them often whenever possible so that it helps in tucking in those extra fats that makes you hesitant in wearing those cute dresses of yours!

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No Stress

Stress is also a factor which makes you lose your shape and makes you look fatty. It creates a hormonal imbalance in your body and also affect your metabolism as well. A lot of related functions of the body will be affected just because of stress. It will even affect in getting a proper sleep. Most importantly, it will make you fatty. So avoid stress at any cost by diverting your thoughts and mind to anything that makes you happy.


Well, all know how useful yoga is in helping you to get that peace of mind. It alternately helps in getting you the right shape. Regular yoga exercises promises a healthy mind and body. Do yoga regularly and it will help you in getting that sexy shape you are dreaming of.

Drink Wisely, No Smoking

Drinking is fine if it is taken wisely. Getting drunken everyday is not a good habit and moreover it can damage your liver too. So, consume it moderately. And, do not smoke at all. It is not good for health and can even give you so many health issues.


Proper meditation is necessary to have a stable life, to make yourself feel relaxed and stay cool. Life is full of ups and downs and it might lead to stress, lack of sleep, bunking food etc which can affect your health. It is to be remembered that not taking food at proper time can make you more fatty! So, do regular meditation and you will be deprived all those that can get you off from having that sexy body shape.

Drink A Lot Of Water

Drink a lot of water as it will keep your metabolism steady and also it will help in burning out that excess fat inside your body. It can make your skin glow and will eliminate the impurities inside the body.

Right Medication

There are cases where the person remains the same in spite of following all these. In such cases, proper medication will be essential if things do not favor in simple steps. Consult a doctor and do necessary medication to get out of those fat deposits, to get that envying sexy figure!


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